Show jumping horses for sale by Chateaux and Company.

Show jumping horses for sale by Chateaux and Company : Who can I rely on to help me choose my competition horse or pony?
Show jumping horses for sale is one of our specialties, we offer an outstanding European experience of more than fifteen years in the trade and exploitation of sport horses. Our approach allows us to guide you through this crucial moment in Show jumping horses for sale your life as a professional or amateur rider with seriousness and professionalism. We know and understand your needs and we choose quality people to support and help us conduct the research you trust us with. A key element in this research is, of course, your coach.

You and your coach know better than us how to identify your strong points and your weaknesses as a rider therefore the team the two of you form, often since a very long time, is at the core of the process.
It is working side by side with you, observing you during daily practice, that we can elaborate a precise diagnosis of your needs and achieve the identification of your ideal horse or pony. After determining the exact profile of the mount you are looking for, together with you and your coach, we will do everything in our power to help you find the best partner of your future athletic success.

We have a policy of price transparency, with us there won’t be any unexpected fees or hidden commissions to pay to any unknown middlemen. We always keep you well informed on prices, we remunerate ourselves and remunerate your coach as “business provider” and technical counselor according to a rate predefined in our terms and conditions.

We will prove ourselves worthy of the confidence that you will place in us to help you with your research and hope to see you soon to begin this “journey” towards the discovery of your ideal horse or pony.